Upside down shopstands

I was talking shop with a friend in game and we had this thought… Why can’t we have the shopstands be upside down if placed right under the ceiling?
That could help the shopkeepers that have limited space in malls and make an interesting look too.


You know what, that’s actually really smart. I’m in… upside down shop stands please :joy:


It makes less sense for the object to hover on top… Bottom of it then… But you know, I kinda like how it would look so I’m on board too lol


Well, there are other things in this game that make little sense and we enjoy them still lol.
I call it Boundless logic. XD


If this becomes a thing can we place shelves in the floor facing up or in the ceiling facing down too


They also originally had red plinths for selling, and blue plinths for buying. Then they turned the blue plinths into little baskets.

Since they’re now easily discernable, could we get the blue plinths back? Some variations would be nice.

Ideally those would be the stone shop stands - and we’d also have wood, metal and Gleam versions.

Well we can change the stone color still. I wasn’t around for the blue cloth plinths though, those could be nice

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@Heureka probably still has screenshots.

Pleb. I snatched this… thx @boundmore


Would like more variation in shop stands and baskets. More placement directions even for the old storage blocks.

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Upside down shop stands sounds fun :blush: I’m in

Also I kinda feel like if Blue is Buying then Selling should be Silver haha

Green an exchange shop stand would be in for that. Stand buys mats and puts them up for sale. Would make thing easier in the exchange. Also make more space.


Upside down shop stands would be awesome.


yoink :heart::heart:

It would be cool if you could link shop stands to baskets

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That would work to :wink: instead of doing both things (buying and selling at once).

Was also just thinking upgrading storage capacity by placing storage next/underneath of stand (in case of upside down on top/next of stand).