Upside-down/Sideways Stairs and Slopes

First of all, will we be getting them in the first place? If so, how soon until they’re added in? I suppose that we would first to have the angle/direction placement system nailed down, but I would really like upside down things to be added in soon. Call me greedy, but by doing that, we would already have a more versatile building system than most voxel games.


Yes we are but I don’t know when :grinning:

I think they have gotten the message, we really want them!

So hopefully we won’t have to wait too terribly long, but who’s to say? They could be saving it as a surprise in another update.

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We have been getting a few building updates recently…

– . … … .- --. . / .-. . -.-. . … …- . -…

How’s that??



(Pun intended… Hehehehe)

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