UrbaStomp - The Building Journal

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Hi fellow Oortians!

In this journal i will share the building progression of my latest project UrbaStomp by days of work. I will try to add some notes on what i was doing during that session.

What is the goal behind UrbaStomp ?

Urbastomp will be a project where i use every techniques i learned through my Boundless journey in a single place.

I have tendency to destroy the original landscape of the area in my project. So i will try to preserve,build around or adapt the default area landscape and keep that nature feel around the build.

Another goal for this project will be to use as much block type diversity as i can. There is many blocks that i did not touch in my past projects. This may make me learn new ways to mix block together!

I would like to play around the “Prestige Plants/Flowers” as well and incorporate them to the project.

What is the style/theme ?

I don’t know how to call my style. I think it is something between Old Civilization with a mix of Steampunk and this is what i like to play around. This will be the style for UrbaStomp.

What will contain Urbastomp ?

It will contain what and end game “base” could be :

  • A Portal Area
  • A Factory
  • A Forging Place
  • A Storage/Warehouse
  • A Farm Industry
    • Goo
    • Outside farming plants
    • Underground farming plants
  • Maybe expanding the project to a city ?

Where the name come from ?

I am not going to lie, i am not good at naming things. So it’s simply “Urbs” from latin meaning city and the last part of my game name “Stomp”.


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Day 1,Day 2,Day 3,Day 4


Day 1

It’s the start of the idea around the Main Hall of the project. After some reflexion, i wanted some water around this building and have it to be somewhat tall. So i found a design for some “corners towers” and the walls.


Day 2

In this session i did the 3 corner towers missing and finished the rough template for the walls.


Day 3

Starting point :

Todays planning is to finish the perimeter of the build, work on the stairs and fill the the perimeter pool with water.

Did not manage to finish the entire area with the water.

Next session goals :

  • Finish to place the water
  • Flatting out the crater.
  • Adapting the river side to the build

Maybe a future Port ?

I could see a Port in this area with some boats where portal are inside to travel around the universe. Thought?


Day 4

Current session goals :

  • Finish to place the water :white_check_mark:
  • Flatting out the crater. :white_check_mark:
  • Adapting the river side to the build :x:


I did finish the water placement in the pool.

Flatted out the crater next to the build, filled with soil and with some extra elbow grease added the grass color.

Did a little extra this session and worked on some decor for the perimeter.

Plain Glass or Octigrid ?

Next Session Goals

  • Adapting the river side to the build
  • Adding details to the pool area.

looking really gorgeous!
as a matter of interest, have you already planned out the design or are you creating as you go?

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I never plans my builds. I wing it. I usually start with something basic and add details as i go.


I fully endorse and follow this method :+1:

edit: hope everything ok…looking forward to day 5!

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