US East Central Market - Mall Open for Business

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Hey everyone,
I just wanted to let people know that the Gyosha Ophin, US East Central Market is open for business, there are plenty of plots available to setup shop. Also, I have created a Mall in which players can plot via the interior and create their own shop that will be a part of the Mall. In addition, I am more than happy to customize the entrance or the walls that attach to your plotted area. As an added bonus there is a portal toThe Gemporium in the Mall. The Market is accessible via the US East Gateway Hub and then the Market portal that is next to the bridge. I am Ace#4902 in discord (case-sensitive). I do ask that you read the “read me” sign before plotting around the Mall. Thank you!


Hey, would you be willing to let me build a downstairs shop? I claimed a plot to the left of the mall (when facing the drawbridge), but will remove it if you don’t want it there

btw, when i clicked read more on your signs, nothing was displayed

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Yeah you are more then welcome to build a shop. Location wise is it on the pathway before leading into the castle? If so that’s definitely fine but I am aiming to get people to build shops within the castle. Thanks for letting me know about the sign, I will look into it. All the sign says is I ask people do not build shops more than 1 plot wide but may be one plot higher than the castle itself and as deep as you would like.

great, thanks!

i was just asking if you would be willing to open an entrance into the castle from my shop when it’s done

You ps4? I’ve heard there’s a bug with ps4 players not being able to see signs? Sorry to take this off topic @Ace0fGam3s. Very nice build by the way. Seen it in person quite a lot and at different build stages.

nope, im pc

That’d be cool. I added some more elements to the castle, still haven’t made up my mind on my tweaks (if I like them or not). I am open to suggestions. And thanks @Cloud-Constructor.

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