Using tools, block breaking blocks, blowing minds

First look at tool in action. Anims not completely in sync with tool yet, but it works!


looking gooooood

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true looks good^^

Mouse pointer! :mouse2:

Once seen :eyes: it’s impossible to un-see it …


Looking great!

Looks good

So we are not going to see our own arm while we are using tools?
Also: Will the range of tools stay this high? I always thought Minecraft was pushing the limit with its 5 block range for tools but in Oort we are currently able to mine blocks that are 11(!) blocks away.

What a scrub, eh?

Arms would be race, armour, customisation specific - so we’ve leaving them out for now.

It’ll change. Current range is placeholder during development.

We have some building gameplay (that we’ve not shared externally yet) that we’ll need to balance the range you can build to. Expect the limit to come down.


No big deal, I just think you should show off those lovely animated character models as much as possible :smile:

Thanks for the info

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