Vacation Home builders.. Competition? Winners Announced!

Dragon’s Lair Building Competition. 9/6-9/30

So I’m looking for vacation home(no shops) builders. Plots are owned by me to ensure they don’t ash in the future, full access will be given with 50k for building a 2v2 and 75k for 3v3 whether top 3 prize or not. They are 2v2 or 3v3 plot areas. Looking for unique vacation home builds. More spots can be added the more participants.

Any theme you would like to use. Plot height limit is 3 plots high so i can add them if u need them.
Basements can also be added if u want to add a basement just need to ask to have it plotted down 1 more.
Any left over available spots will be given out at request after the tourney if you fancy building more =)

6 Prizes will be given out.
2v2 gets 3 prizes and 3v3 gets 3 prizes.

1st Place 500k
2nd Place 250k
3rd Place 100k

Location is on Maryx at Dragon’s Lair, Accessible from TNT, GTG, Vikings, EZPZ Hubs.

If anyone is interested you can find me in game, PM me in game or on discord DwarfTree#9189.


Very nice to see another build competition. They’re a large part of the community we’ve been lacking lately. For that reason, despite my priorities, I’m interested.

Questions for clarification:

  • Any home can technically be a vacation home, so are there any specific vibes you have in mind? Is there a beach/lake? Forest for mountain home style? Up to us to create surroundings?
  • Are we judged on how vacationy they look?
  • Will the beacons be in a grid with roads on all 4 sides, or might there be longer roads with some entrants’ beacons adjacent so there is a more discernible ‘front entrance’?
  • 2x2 is pretty small and doesn’t leave much lawn space… would you consider 3x3?


  1. Any Theme will be fine. Yards are up to the builder.
  2. Just a house type building is all, designs are up to you. Pictures of each House builds will be added to post later for voting by the community.
  3. No restrictions other than plot width, 3v3 sounds better so i will be adjusting the area now as to make them 2v2 and 3v3. First come first serve.

The empty spaces are the current ones available, of course can add more if needed


When 4x4 is just too cliché:face_vomiting:

its about saving space and creativeness to build within a certain space lol Plenty of amazing builds fit within 2v2 spaces alone =) There are some 3v3 for that extra needed room some like but again there are 3 prizes for each size build.

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Top middle 3v3 Now gone… Spots are starting to fill =) for the competition. Remember there is Money for the build and possible Prize after =)

Yeah. It looks nice; I really like the pattern too.

The aerial view just drives my OCD crazy, that’s all lol. Wasn’t trying to criticize. Goodluck with your new vacation home(s).

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it gets me a bit too but its only the aerial that gets me lol

I’ll take one of the bigger spots!

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come and get one =) though i could just perm and tell ya since already friends in game lol

Pretty thrilled about this actually - just cuz I’ve been building houses like crazy lately lol - might even finish it up today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Added 5 more 3v3 plots and 3 more 2v2 Making for 11 3v3 and 14 2v2 in total for the competition.


I’d like to participate, a small spot for me


i will be back on in 2 and half hours roughly 2pm CST if ud like to get your spot then

Ok no rush, I’m at work until 7:30pm Central

I’ll also be online at 8:30am Central tomorrow too

If neither of those work I’ll definitely be online pretty much all day Saturday or Sunday

Completed my vacation house this morning. I like building small houses. So this was pretty fun. :+1::+1:


definately can get u tommorrow or this weekend =)

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3 spots for 3v3 left still plenty of 2v2 will be on for another 5 hours from this point. Come compete for prizes =)

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Houses and buildings are my weakness especially anything smaller than a 10x10 lol but Goodluck to all the Contestants that participate in the competition Boop!