[Vandar] --[Tier 7 Rift Exoworld]-- [Last Seen 16th April 2019] Landscape



Accessible via Houchus I at 42 blinksecs

Blocks Color

Gleam - Vivid Moss

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::[The Exoworlds Archives]::


Click on the picture to see the detail in the shadows.



It’s like looking at a holiday brochure for places I can nowhere near afford :cry: lol!




Has anyone found gleam on this planet yet? I’ve unlocked half the regions and not seen any yet.




There was vivid moss I think got some from it , but it’s probably picked clean , didn’t see much gleam and cool colour so it goes fast


Yes you’re right, I actually I did find that. I got it confused with Tentaar’oon


15 minutes left, it became potent level 8.

RIP Vandar


400 points per hit



Vandar had the best looking rock out of the first exos IMO with that lime green rock. It also had that nice green gleam. I made marble out of the rock and several things out of the gleam. I’m glad I was able to get this while I had the chance. No other green gleam comes close.

If you missed out on these colors I put the rest of the doors up for sale in my Gyosha Mall shop. Plenty of green blocks and gleam in my shops on Circarpous as well. Use the Spencer portal at the Circarpous PS HUB.



If you guys can provide a list of the color that had on this planet i will add it to the first post. I’ll have the block colors for the next planets that will comes in.


I got pics of the end resources last night, but I got one from the beginning too

I wonder if anyone is snapping these for other planets. so far I’ve only been on vandar.

It looks like we mined the rift from .26% to .12% - to be honest I was expecting it to be a lot worse.


Found a straggler i felt worth posting