Vart håller ni hus på boundless?

så jag skulle vilja veta vart ni svenskar håller hus på boundless. skulle va kul at spela med en svensk nån gång ibland. jag är nästan alltid på lapas

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I’m from spain and I am always looking for someone like me with no luck so I just stay with what I have or make new friends arround through games and I just speak english.

Used google translate to undertand you xD. I was about neearly to say nothing to this post but I’m as curius as cats are xD. Miaaau haha

I’m spanish… really XDDD


Cansinooo que soy españooooooool lo eh dicho 100 veces en los foros estooos!!! XD

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this is like the swedish category not spanish

Por fin un español, madre mia, pensaba que era el único de España en este foro. Pues chico agrégame en alguna parte, te dejo los links aqui, soy medio artista (aun estudiante, porque quiero profundizar) pero me considero como tal diseñador 2D y 3D, escritor y no habia visto o fijado en tus post decirlo XD

Traduccion for others with no google XD: Finally a Spanish, thought I was the only one in Spain in this forum. Well, add me somewhere, I leave the links here, I’m half artist (even student, because I want to go further and improve) but I consider myself as such 2D and 3D designer and writer had not seen or noticed your post to say XD

And sorry if this post is only for swedish, I will move out with my friend. sorry again for the intromision, i was only doing friends nwn. se you arround

steam xwerffx/werff (depende de lo que te diga steam hoy XD) XDDD YouTube xwerffx XD

VI er blevet invaderet mine svenske brødre.

Det var inte så bra det

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