Vena V Issues?

New player, so not sure if/when maintenance happens, or if this happens frequently… but I haven’t been able to keep a stable connection to Vena V for the past few hours. Sanctum is fine, but once you step foot on the planet… connection is unstable. Anyone else experience this? Is it common?

It is common especially if you are playing on planets outside your region. Vena v is on an Australian server. Where are you located?

Has a picture of planets to regions and other helpful info.

Ahhh, that would be the reason why! Thanks for the information. Is it easy to tell what planets are on which regions?

Yes, check the map with the planets in the first post in that thread. It tells you that information.

I live in a region with the lowest pings to the Australian servers among all the other servers and I still get connection unstable messages all the time. I have a town and a home on Andooweem, but this was before it was this bad. I have slowly set up another home base in Berlyn now, the server with the 2nd best ping for me.