[Vendooweem] --[T7 - Savage Umbris Exoworld]-- [Active]

--------------------[:earth_africa: World Details]--------------------
ID : 6700
Name : Vendooweem
Type : Umbris
Tier : T7 - Savage
Atmosphere : Lvl 7 Caustic (5 levels)
Size : 3km (34 Regions)
Liquid : ▲ Lava | ▼ Water
Region : US East
------------------[:compass: Distance Details]------------------
42 blinksecs from Houchus I
Warp Cost : 3400c
---------------------[:stopwatch: Time Details]---------------------
Appeared February 4, 2024 8:29 PM
Last until February 10, 2024 1:19 AM

Initial Resources

------------[Embedded World Resources]------------

RankResource NameAbsolute CountPercentageAverage Per Chunk
1Soft Coal Seam4,259,60332.43%115.55
2Coal Seam1,648,43512.55%44.72
3Medium Fossil Seam1,646,95012.54%44.68
4Large Fossil Seam1,432,24810.90%38.85
5Ancient Tech Component Seam1,332,60110.15%36.15
6Silver Seam761,0015.79%20.64
7Ancient Tech Device Seam565,4534.30%15.34
8Hard Coal Seam441,5263.36%11.98
9Titanium Seam438,3873.34%11.89
10Gold Seam431,3023.28%11.70
11Umbris Seam130,0410.99%3.53
12Amethyst Seam33,8230.26%0.92
13Emerald Seam13,9290.11%0.38

--------------[Surface World Resources]--------------

RankResource NameAbsolute CountPercentageAverage Per Chunk
2Basic Boulder38,04315.50%1.03
4Oortian's Staff20,7368.45%0.56
5Twisted Aloba16,3966.68%0.44
6Desert Sword16,3036.64%0.44
7Beanstalk Boulder9,1843.74%0.25
8Boulder Tower8,4183.43%0.23
9Weeping Waxcap Fungus7,1242.90%0.19
10Tinted-Burst Fungus6,9542.83%0.19
11Tuber Plant6,8362.79%0.19
12Trumpet Root4,5751.86%0.12
13Starberry Vine4,4731.82%0.12
14Glow Cap Fungus4,3451.77%0.12
15Mottled Tar Spot Fungus4,0681.66%0.11
16Clustered Tongue Fungus3,7901.54%0.10
17Rosetta Nox2,8101.15%0.08
18Combustion Fraction1,8740.76%0.05
19Tapered Boulder1,2620.51%0.03
20Boulder Chip1,2040.49%0.03
21Kindling Mass1,1830.48%0.03
22Boulder Ring9280.38%0.03
23Traveller's Perch7120.29%0.02
24Branch Funnel Fungus10.00%0.00



Atlas and location cookie being sold in Dragon Houchus I hub!


I have to say this world is disappointing umbris-wise :frowning:

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Isn’t every lucent planet disappointing when it comes to lucent amount :joy::joy:

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well, it could be umbris-fine and gleam-disappointing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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