Venerable Forging and Buff Bombs are here!


Greetings Citizens

With the latest update to Boundless, we’ve got a collection of cool new content for you all to enjoy. The two main headlines are the new Buff Bombs, and some awesome new Venerable Forging effects.

Buff Bombs are a powerful addition to any fighting force. Three different enhancements are available, with Speed, Strength and Armour buffs all provided via these area-of-effect explosives.

The new Forging material, Venerable Gum, provides several new effects which Citizens can employ today. Firstly, Fists can now be bestowed with a ‘Power Grabber’ ranged auto-gathering effect, creating a super-efficient hunting Tool, or to grab precious Resources from afar.

Doors can now be set to automatically close or open once a Citizen has moved away using a Spanner with the Auto-Door trait, and last but not least, the Unchisel Boon will be a useful tool for Builders. When applied to a chisel, this will reset any Block to its default state when struck. To create these, you’ll need to use the new Forging material, Venerable Gum. To obtain this, you’ll simply need a supply of Earthyams and the Gum Base.

Of course, this isn’t all we have in this update - James has posted the full patch notes here

Thanks all, we’ll see you in there!


I think I’m a little too excited for this update. I’ve been most looking forward to Auto Door Closing Spanners and I’ve just crafted a batch of the new gum. Ready to get forging right? Wrong! I forgot to craft some darned spanners! Doh!

Yep, I think I’ve been a little too excited for this one lol. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Will speed buff bombs and haste pot stacks? Same thing for strength bomb and strength brews.

Also, does the speed bomb affect action speed or just movement speed?


Duration on the bomb buffs is pretty low so probably.


How long? Cause even a minute is quite a long time when mining efficiently.


I think its around 30 seconds or something. Can’t remember off the top of my head but Jiivita covers it all in his video, including the duration of the new bomb effects…


Speaking of Jivita, has anyone seen him because his portals are all closed…


Really looking forward to the unchanging chisels, first thing I do when i get back home is craft me some and fix some trees!!


Lol was just thinking this gonna be good for me as im building my new base that gonna look like tree.


Base duration for bomb buffs is 20 seconds. Pretty short, but also pretty easy to forge!
Only requires 1000 boon points like the regeneration boon.


Could be useful if there are ever boss equivalent mobs.


Just trying to figure out if it’s worth using for mining. I guess that would mean I’d have to throw one everytime my energy regens to full.

Also, when you say base duration, can it be increased by forging / is it affected by the 44% skills/talents?


Yep, not forging since it only has one rank, but zeal increases the duration. Just did a small test hunt, it does seem a bit tedious to make it work by yourself, will need to see how it works in group hunts. I’m concerned that the AoE hit de-sync on players isn’t going to make it super viable for support unless the bombs have massive radius (forged topaz etc.). The damage increase is pretty substantial though. Armour imo seems the weakest of the bunch but should be pretty neat for lower tier hunt supporting.

But aside from all that… I’m now in love with Starberry Pies!


FYI everyone, If you have a door with a lock, you’ll have to remove the lock before using the auto-spanner on it. You can then put the lock back once you’ve applied the Auto close/open function. If you try and apply the auto function with the lock still in place, the spanner will have no effect. Spread the word. :slight_smile:


He was on about 2 weeks ago, he answered a question for me.


Anyone else seeing some boons add but then disappear? It looks to me that the points are going into an existing boon but the icon for a just added boon is showing up and then going away.


hey that’s all fine and dandy but how about some FREAKIN EXPO PLANETS ALREADY FFS?!! It is rude to make us wait this long… an entire week. people complaining all week on discord. seriously. exo time…


I found a tiny bug with this update.

So, in a storage block, I have a stack of 9 iron chisels.
1 of those 9 chisels is forged with a bonus to action speed and durability.
The other 8 haven’t been forged.

But when I mouse-over the stack, I see the orange text saying it’s an Auto-door chisel stack.


That sounds similar to something I saw, I moused over a smart stack of normal rocks and the orange text for “world regeneration” was displayed, even though I haven’t enchanted any of the rocks.


I didn’t have that issue with my doors with locks on them.