Vertical Travel? Spiral Jump Elevator? 👍

Hello Forumees,

I have another video about a new creation of mine, the ‘Spiral Jump Elevator’.

I’ve played around with Ice a lot and it keeps gettting better and betterer. I came up with this idea last week and have finally simplified + ironed out the cracks, so its ready for the wide world(s)!

Hope you enjoy: ( subcribe to my YT channel if you wanna see more Boundless inventions :wink: )


Very cool, and gave you a sub! :grin:

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Ah thanks Paka! Greatly appreciated! :fist:

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great work! if only I had a unreasonably tall building to put it in :smiley:


Cheers bro! You build all sorts of rubbish, I’m sure we could find somewhere to install one :innocent:

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