Very simple list of changes

I think there is a lot of space to plot. All of these are permanent worlds visible from my home on Raxxa, just walking out and glancing at the sky.


my main point is to actually say *do SOMETHING with them… i know they may never be deleted… but a post like this gets views… and i know MANY are annoyed with this Land Troll attitude… (when all the GOOD spots are stolen just to be stolen so no one can build there?)

Why would this be needed? If it’s for reserved space, that space is only reserved legitimately and done in an ongoing fashion, you gain nothing but mad paying customers for this, and maybe demands for money back.

Easier said than done, the game isn’t generating enough money to pour tons of development time into. TBH, we already have healers and DPS, the update on testing makes tank a viable option as well, so there’s the trinity “close at hand”. Meteors are our dungeons, the raid was planned (titans), but wasn’t made a priority things like farming and guilds were the focuses after launch.

There are some quite nice skins (paint) in the cubit shop right now. Could or should they make some cash only appearances, perhaps, but it seems to go against what the devs had wanted. As for mounts and vehicles, i don’t remember where, but i believe James had said that they preferred for interesting travel be something that you’re player character could do without the need for an external thing. Which is why we have the water freezing gleam pops, and so much run speed augmentation.

Perhaps, although this will require either adding those cash only cosmetics, or giving gleam club some extra benifits, or both.

The devs haven’t considered PvP something worth adding to boundless in the past, it was suggested at launch, and for at least the first 12months afterwards. I’m not against non planet wide pvp, or planets added that were pvp worlds, but other players were quite against it back then, i doubt many have come around to the idea since.

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This isn’t just things left laying around, people are either still manually adding fuel (thus playing the game) or paying for the gleam club subscription (thus supporting the game financially).

Edit, just realized this was a necro… Moving on

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I agree on more content and better monetization, free to play I disagree and a wipe is senseless. Instead of just deleting years of players builds work, the system should check very old beacons (over half a year) that had no input/nothing build in them (gleam club or not) and delete those. The only problem I see in the live universe is players that left with a lot of gleam club and “reserved” areas.
Space in total is no problem since gleam club pays for used space of players that are not actively playing and new planets would spawn if we truly ran out of space.
Maybe a system that kind of restricts “reserving” space would be good. Like you can only have x amount of empty plots in total on your account.

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Free To Play would be fine if the game had the ability to support that. The game currently relying only on Gleam Club and Sovereigns would not pay the bills there would need to be more.

I do think the game could be Free to Play with some changes in place and at this point if it isn’t selling very well, it really couldn’t hurt.

F2P doesn’t attract more hackers, trolls, griefers, exploiters, etc. Just having more players in general increases that.

All I know the game never made it big (anyone can search the forums for reasons so not going into that here), but regardless of the reasoning it would need a whole new marketing plan, a ton of fixes and various other ways to attract more people.

The game goes on sale for $5 on Steam and there is a direct increase in the player base so either going F2P or just making the game $5 instead of nearly $40 bucks might be smart.

Free to Play for Boundless in my eyes is definitely something I would consider if some changes were made.