Very strange movement

For some reason everytime i stop walking i don’t stop immediately and kinda slide like I’m walking on ice. Also the camera movement is very strange for me. It’s kinda slow :confused: I kinda can’t play that way because building is very hard for me now :frowning: Is this a bug?

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It has something to do with the new movement mechanics they just added.

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Yes I understand the realism with it such as not being able to stop immediately after RUNNING, but if he’s truly just walking it shouldn’t make him slide.

thanks for the info guys! :smile:
I don’t really like this movement though :confused: It makes the game unplayable for me :frowning:
I hope we’ll be able to turn it off or something


Or at least it should be balanced … For dangerous cliffs or edges keep on shift :wink:

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yea…ice walking all the time, I am not a fan :flushed: too much falling and sliding off builds LOL Oort got too slippery!

yea i can not go to an edge and fall down straight without hurting myself. The char always moves so much without me that he practically jumps to his death, because he skips some ledges^^

I have been walking around with it just to test it for myself, 30 min or so just running, walking and going around also on cliffs, and i dont see the problem. again, just hold shift to not go out, one slight problem i notice though is that it seems very very hard to move forward and go down to land on a block that only goes 1 out.

i like the system, but if people keep complaining then i guess they will look at it, however can we atleast give the system a few weeks before we start to say it doesnt work? this movement system punishes mistakes thats for sure, but i think people should atleast get used to it and then they can complain if they still think it is needed :smile:

Yea the only problem I have is the one block ledge thing^^

On the bright side, Creeping is now faster than ever :smiley: Building feels so much easier now!

oh the shift movement? it felt alot faster but i thought it was just me…

Yes the creeping is indeed faster now :slight_smile: I like that too! But my real problem is the camera… And I’m also building a mountain town on cshrime so the movement makes building very hard for me ;( I prefer the old movement :confused:

FYI the next game update contains more (better?) movement + landing + creeping tweaks. Just wanted to let everyone know as the current versions is very much a work in progress.


I just played for a while (long time since I did that ^^) and like the slowdown after jogging/running … it’s not to much and ok. But to reduce it for 20%-30% for stopping to jog would not harm and may satisfy the builders ^^. Walking (using shift) has no slide, which is quite a good idea.

i mean once you get used to it its perfectly fine its just the first time since we are already so used the what it normally was, see if this was the very first thing you came to youd think the old movement was terrible

You’re right except for the fact that it’s almost impossible to jump down on a one block ledge^^

throw a grappling hook at yer feet then walk forward then de attach

that works but is neither fast nor practical.

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im use to it plus i can do it normally fine