Video Arcade Lemon [I live here now!]

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Hello Boundless Community! I’m just about a month into Boundless and have decided to take permanent virtual residence in game. :sweat_smile: As I am feeding my escapism with this amazing new game and its exotic new world(s). I am taken to broadcasting on my YouTube account.

You can expect that I’ll broadcast as many mornings a possible (6:30am - 8:00am) but I don’t actually run on a day schedule. Being very happy with today’s broadcast whereas I am engaged by another Boundless player for the majority of the the video. I do spew out some issues I have with the new game but it is quickly reversed when “Taya” starts to chat. I hope you’ll enjoy this broadcast today. URL>> Video Arcade Lemon

P.S. Can we have a broadcasting or broadcast optional tag(s)?