Video: New door system, slabs and steps

Here’s a video look at the doors, slabs and steps that will be released with crafting:


Will be able to place stairs upside down? For architectural purposes?

it bothers me to no end that the colors of the big door are not the same. the half block system looks amazing and look forward to that, hopefully the next step will be quarter blocks and then splitting them into 8th blocks :smiley:

something that slighly bothered me was that the doors instantly opened, would it be possible to make them take like 1 second to open to make it seem better, or would that be impossible? :

They want to make an animation for it (I think :smiley: )

upside down and sideways please :slight_smile:

if you could make an item that would make longer waterflow i would totally use the door system for making water based puzzles.

You still could, I don’t see why you couldn’t.

could what?

could to see it progressing I am so looking forward to it.
and +1 on previous comments

You said you would make a water puzzle. I say you still could.

Ignore the visuals on everything, the slabs and steps use the old textures (soon to be gone) and the doors don’t have any texturing at all :yum:

well if the water will run out no matter what after moving 10 blocks, its not going to be a really good puzzle xD

Water as it works now will almost certainly change. We’re favouring players having to channel naturally occurring springs of water (or rivers, oceans) rather than dumping buckets of water everywhere right now.


i liked the trove fountains blocks. they made water going in one directon.

please add something like archemedes screw :slight_smile:


the hell can that be used for?

To transport water up a hill :smiley:

Hell yes! These are some things that we definitely needed!! Upside down stairs are al that’s left to add!

Yes I love this. Stops bucket greifing nicely!

… or some other kind of pump system :wink:

@Zouls: It is a screw for getting water upwards to higher levels. If you turn it it will transport the warter. It is used in farms in egypt at the Nile, which was often lower in level then the fields which had to get water :wink: