Vikings I Hidden Gems Series I Boundless [EP 07]

Hold on to your oortian butts…Valhalla is breathtaking! I really enjoyed this escapade into Asgard. lol


Thanks for visiting Valhalla o/


You’re welcome!


I so enjoyed your enthusiasm. I was similarly blown away when wandering around agog the other day.

I’m still in the box-like stage of building but I figure to stick with it and see if I can get out. :slight_smile:


You will! I’m starting to get a little better lol…stick with it! And thanks for watching!!!

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boxes are a good start to work with tbh. You can decorate flat fronts pretty well up to a point where you stop seeing it as a flat box
Here’s an example of a current build I work on. You can see how I started with boxes on the right and the further left you look the more detailed it became.
I basically start with boxes to work out the roof shape and do the wall shapes afterwards.
(The WIP building can be found on the sovereign “Dracones Mundi”, it’s attached to Valhalla and the TNT main hub)


ooooo! Nice!!! I will definitely be stopping by!