Virtual Water Cycle In A Videogame

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Is there a videogame that has a complete water cycle in it, (rain accumulates into puddles that evaporate into clouds that fall back down as rain again), or am I just crazy to think of such a thing yet? :exploding_head:

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i think its way too early. not enough process power for that :wink: even super computers cant handle this kind of stuff in real time on larger scale. altough there was a game studio that made a game with best know water phhysics but their game was ■■■■ except for the water physics. and their patent was bought by some big company i think EA and they didnt used it :frowning: i cant remember the title of the game though :confused:


found the game 1:58 is the footage from the game :slight_smile:

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That’s pretty cool, yeah I figured I was thinking way ahead. :sunny: I remember Heavy Rain had some awesome rain graphics.

Sweet video. I’ll take a look. :smile:

That’s pretty exciting, Watching the waves and the corridor fill up with water was super cool. I’m sure they will surprise us in the future with something awesome thanks to that bit of work. :star_struck:

There was a MC mod very close to that (it didn’t have evaporation to make it rain) but it was awesome… but I played a bit with it and performance dropped a lot with just a few channels and tanks. So, I think it’ll pass some time until we can have enough power processing for such a thing.

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