Visitor book

its like a big book when you interact you can read or write notes
so you can comment on builds
or say hi promote your own build…
its not like a mailbox
owner can delete bad posts


This has been a long time favorite suggestion to me. I don’t even remember who to credit for it anymore, but I would personally love this in game.


cool where you building havok never seen ya lol
only on forum

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I’m based on Berlyn, though I’m taking a brief break from the game for now. I expect I’ll make my return in a week or so when live gets updated.

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cool stop by my build if ya find time

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ill give ya workshop lolz

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hey @Havok40k maybe devs got more time now for this :wink:
also @james since we have signs now maybe this could be another type off sign but interactive for people that are not on the beacon offcoarse without function to delete eachother mesages also the mailbox idea could work to achieve this but like a open book on a stand to write in is way cooler :grin::grin: