Visually distinct and color correct inventory graphics

The inventory roll over descriptions are great, yet I miss opening inventory seeing/knowing what it contains. Is that my stone or stone chunk? Is that sand or gleam? I want to be able to better distinguish the differences at a glance.
I would also like a better match in color between inventory and as placed in world.


I would like to see this as well.


And maybe the color name of gleam, grass, leaves, wood, etc. (or world origin?) to make it easier to identify the differences. Some of the icons are hard to differentiate when the colors are very similar. Does anyone else have this issue too?


Jepp, having the color written in the name (and so in the pop up) would be a good solution next to better visible icons. I think the inventory will have its update soon. May be that the icons and popups will have a rework as well :wink: