Vitality and the unexpected health benefits


I’m not proud to admit that for a while I completely underestimated armour, since I was comparing it with resistances which go [5% / 10% / 15% / 20% / 25%].
Having never spent a point I thought it went [10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50] instead of the actual [10 / 30 / 60 / 100 / 150].

Well, now I know another mod that might be worth adding to the collection.

Yep, I still ended up ditching armour for resistances because I tend to get hit by big damage a lot more than smaller damage and I’ve been doing fine on solo and group T7 hunts (considering my playstyle that is).

I don’t think armour is worth it, at least not on high tier planets.

I’m planning to analyze creature data and do some math on it to back up my claim, but yeah basically, 25% to skip 8000 damage (which on average is worth 500 armor in this case) is a lot better than making it a consistent 7850. On T7, even regular attacks from creatures with the damage buff deal over 1k, which still makes resistances quite worth it imo.

I’d say about 80-90% of my deaths are fall damage though.

Bomb / Wildstock / Spitter hit you for: 0 Damage (Resist)
Split seconds later: You have been defeated (died to knockback into borked fall damage anyway)

I can’t wait for a fix. And if fall damage resistance was a thing I’d immediately re-spec, fall armour has the same problem as regular armor (flat reduction that doesn’t scale), except multiplied by like 10.

Sorry, just rambling at this point lol.

Since you get 2 on everything per point, it’s like getting 16 attribute points per skill point instead of the regular 10. Since pretty much all stats are valuable, especially for hunting, most people run 5/5 on pretty much all builds as far as I know. Definitely worth getting once you have more points available.


I definitely like my hunter having armor and resistances. But I have it set up the tank route so I can literally stand there and take oodles of damage. At least on t6 and under. Haven’t tried him on t7. Would have to change some things around to get enviro protection.


This. So. Much. This.


Below tier 3 armor is the best, 3 pts kinetic the whole tier 3 experience changes. By tier 5 you might as well forget it IMO.

This might get me some grief, but when I see a level 1 meteorite on besevrona, I smash one mob and hit the sanctum. There’s no way I’m spending the time and money to die near the end of a meteor (I’ve died over 15 - 20 minutes in when I was trying) because a buff ran out and/or reviver doesn’t save your solo meteor life.

Take that 2 oort and get on with your day. You’re going to get almost as much oort soloing a tier 3 meteor in a couple minutes and a fraction of the decay/consumables as you will battling out that tier 5 monster.


EDIT I’ve seen Blockk crush a tier 6 level 2 A LOT faster than I can take a tier 5 level 1 so, your mileage may vary but yeah, like I said I’m no great hunter.


note that health epic only make sense when you already have a few levels of vitality

getting health epic when you only have starting health level has the same effect as spending 5 skill points to get 5 levels of vitality

so - when boosting your health, spend first few skill points on vitality first, and then spend 5 skill points on health epic (at that point those 5 skill points will give more health when you buy the epic, than when you buy 5 more vitality levels)