Vitality and the unexpected health benefits


I just found out that the importance of vitality and the actual effect of it seems hidden from skill tooltip. It says “10 vitality points gives you 130 health”, “20 pts give you 360” etc. This didnt sound like much so I skipped it for a every long time. I have always had great problems getting one- or two-shotted by those green bombs spitters throw and the homing pulse missile cuttletrunks launch, and I didnt think there was much to do than to dodge them every single time. or die. However after I finally put just two points in vitality thinking, hey I could do with a little bit of extra health my healthbar turned from green to blue and was boosted incredibly high, like several times what it was before (I had full green healthbar before adding the 2 skillpoints to vitality, but after it turned blue, it was only a somewhere between 1/4 and 1/3 full, meaning, if my visual math skills are correct, that just two skillpoints into vitality boosted my health 3-4 times. I can now get hit several times by those same bombs. What I guess is happening is the Health Epic I have, it multiplies the gain from vitality x3, so that it is not only 360 hp, but actually 1080 (3x360). However that still doesnt sound like it can add up to 4 times the total health, so im still quite suprised. I think I have to redistribute points into vitality now seeing as how much health it actually results in.

I wish there was some way to see the calculations behind this, would be nice if the game would show me the actual effects before confirming the skilpoint assignment. Maybe this thread should go in suggestions.


Yep, vitality is pretty… vital for survival. It would be pretty handy if skills that have a non-linear progression displayed all the levels as an overview (ideally taking into account epics and other skills that effect the value). does that for relative increases and is a good tool for checking out builds and what stats do, though may not be fully up to date or accurate.

The tool tip in game can actually be a bit misleading if you have 5 points in Attribute Bonus, since that adds 10 to vitality.
So for example at 4/8 it will say it’s adding 1010, when it’s actually 1410 with the Attribute Bonus.

The formula currently is 600 + ((Vitality - 10) / 90)^1.5 * (4000 - 600) which is then rounded to the nearest multiple of 10.
At 100 Vitality (8 points in Vitality Bonus and 5 in Attribute Bonus) it’s 4000.
Then the epic triples that to a maximum of 12000.
With an invigorating pie, one of the best foods for hunting, you can double it to 24000.
Adding a Bleeding Edge item on top will put that at a whopping 27600.

Vitality Vitality Bonus Max Health With Health Epic Increase Relative Increase
10 0 600 1800
20 1 730 2190 130 130
30 2 960 2880 360 230
40 3 1250 3750 650 290
50 4 1610 4830 1010 360
60 5 2010 6030 1410 400
70 6 2450 7350 1850 440
80 7 2930 8790 2330 480
90 8 3450 10350 2850 520
100 9 4000 12000 3400 550


You can already see the effect that the skill will give you. Select the number of vitality points you want to know about and it will tell you how much health those points will give you. What else do you want them to do?


That is some sweet detailed information, thanks you heaps for this!


Lol Pfiffel, I made a plot of that formula and how it worked, then scrapped it all because at the end of it, the game already does what they were asking for.


I just checked game data as well and put this together after reading OP because I was curious myself, and was actually a bit confused as well when I checked in game. It is a bit misleading since the bonus from Attribute Bonus isn’t displayed anywhere. That results in the tool tip for the Vitality Bonus essentially being one point behind if you have 5/5. And yeah, it doesn’t factor in the epic either.


Well I dont think it is very clear what the results are. The tooltip for vitality will just say “10 vitality points gives you 130 health”. But each consecutive level gives even more hp (but that is not revealed until you actually reach those levels). It is also not apparent that extra health from vitality will then also be multiplied by the Health Epic. Edit: add to that the fact that extra vitality from the “all atributes” skill is also not displayed anywhere which does add to the confusion I think.

Ah well, I guess many games have the same issue of hiding information like this now that I think of it, nothing unique to Boundless. Still just as annoying to have only found out this much later when the game tooltip could simply have included that information.


Oh interesting I didnt know that either. Guess this added even more to the, to me, surprising jump in health increase. I had 4 points in “all attributes” so that must have what made it even more powerful health increase compared to what I saw the tooltip saying. I ended up taking all the points from the “all attribute” and put it into Vitality instead though, simply too powerful to not do it.


If you set vitality to 8, it will say “Increases your Vitality by 80 which increases your maximum health by 2850”. You don’t need to spend your skill points to see that effect.


The tool tips only show the effect of the specific skill. So no, the tool tip for vitality doesn’t say what benefits are added by the separate “all attributes” skill. And if you have, for example, 100 vitality, then the tool tip for health epic will tell you it adds 8,000 health. But yes, the “all attributes” skill never says what it provides.


My point is mainly that it could display something like [130 / 360 / 650 / 1010 / 1410 / 1850 / 2330 / 2850], since you might not have spare points to check what the higher levels do. An unsuspecting player could assume that the progression is quite different or even that every level only adds 130 unless they try it out.

Which of course they should and most likely will, but still, if you ask me, why not just show more info.


You gave up drops for HP?


This, exactly. That was why I didnt think much of vitality earlier, I was the unsuspecting player here.


Yeah, the info presentation is more cumbersome than it could be. Seems like it would have been easier to do it that way (list the increases for each level of the skill) in the first place. And do something like highlight the value for the current skill level. The “current level”, “next level” format makes more sense for the crafting recipe skills. But they don’t use that format for those skills, lol.


You mean with less points into “all attribute” I got less luck? yes I guess so, though it is not much and the health benefit is crazy, so I would give up a little bit of drop chance for a huge health increase is what Im thinking. I’ll put points into “all attributes” when I get more skillpoints.


Also crit chance, and some other stuff that’s minor since it sounds like you’re talking about hunting.

I honestly only run 4 vitality on my hunter lol. It seems like most of what hits me for 6k is hitting me for 10k anyways. Fall damage he number one killer only costs you more the more HP you add.

I don’t solo meteors above t4 worlds much though.


You take more damage from falling when you have more HP? That is surprising but maybe it sort of makes sense though.


Trying to solo lvl 1 meteorites with ~1000hp on besevrona was a bit hard with so low health. Now I feel more confident with ~7500 health heh.


Fall damage is a percentage of HP so yeah, the more HP you have the more you have to recover from the same fall.

At 6k HP I"m happy making level 3 brews but if I get hit really hard I might drink 2.

If you want to survive bombs and stuff, i was doing better with resistance than HP. At 5 resistance I was frequently walking out of a cloud of smoke and dead bodies.

My hunter is a little messed up right now though since I had to make some quick choices for t7 hunts. I’m not by any means a top hunter so this is definitely more conversation than advice here :wink:


On a positive note I like how the skill points assignment feels impactful, it’s not just tiny increments that is barely noticeble., They have done that right imo.