(VOTE) Chisel Contest Completed (VOTE)


can anyone recommend if any of these games are good kid games?


these are all good for kids…i didnt check all titles listed thou


How about luxor3, glow fish, alterd beast, and golden axe


hello all you contestants that recently received lava and water. i would like to share a few tidbits that we learned the hard way.

  1. if you wish to give some away transfer them in the trade screen. never drop them for someone to pick up as they will disappear.
  2. never brake the table or shelf they are stored in as the entire stack will disappear. poof gone forever!


Nooo!!! That sucks!!! :pensive:


it was a long time ago we learned this so this more recent stash is safe :wink:


i learned the hard way to :frowning:


sorry to hear that. losing liquid is a big hit!


One of the artworks seem to have regened, think it was the build by @ozarka30.
I have claimed those plots, do you want them @Cookviper?

Also the cuttle that is owned by @Glychi is running low on fuel.

Please check your builds, I would like very much that they remain. =)


Feel free to keep them or Maybe somebody else would like to take it and add their own artwork to the collection.


people fuel your beacons 3statues are gone :frowning:so sad
anyways im opening a portal on plaza so please fuel them i hate thats these awesome builds are lost


@Glychi is gone and 3graves replaced it even more upsetting :frowning:


everyone should add @Cookviper to there beacons. i bet he wouldn’t mind adding fule every once and awhile.


i checked they all good only the orb i dont find beacon
its by @Selection


That sucks. :pensive: those amazing entries will be missed :weary:


Yes, they will be very missed, sad to hear that @Glychi’s is gone, because I really liked it.


portal is now open again on plaza :smile: