(VOTE) Chisel Contest Completed (VOTE)


I’d like to thank all of the participants who helped showcase the new chisels and their abilities. It is an absolute honor to House the well thought out art you all created. I apologize for the delay in starting this vote. Life has been hectic lately. I’ve decided to make it a 3 choice poll instead of a single vote. There are simply too many amazing builds for us to have to choose only one. To all the contestants I want you all to know that you all did an absolutely amazing job showcasing our new chisels and know the devs appreciate it too. Seeing what you’ve built just might get somebody new to try the game out because of what they see possible. Hopefully I will have some time soon to review each of yours builds in great detail with twistedfoot and explain everything I like about them but until then I’ve written a brief description of each one.

We have @AmandaPan with a very well designed giant roadrunner. One of the amazing things about this build is the fact that the whole thing is built at an angle which makes building and chiseling much more difficult, and yet she managed to not only build but chisel everything perfectly to form a gorgeous roadrunner. I’m also a fan of how she made the talons appear to grip underneath the platform it’s on. A very impressive build.

Our next build we see @rumplypigskin who masterly crafted a Ground Stomper that appears to be shackled to its prison platform by tree roots. Everything about this build is impressive. Imagine that thing coming to life and it’s head moving and watching you as you pass by.

@stretchious built an awesome piece of art reminiscent to the monolithic statues of Easter Island :moyai:. A couple of those at the entrance to a giant house would look amazing.

@glychi spared no expense in his giant boss cuttletrunk. Imagine this thing breaking out of the ground right in front of you. The drops from its defeat would no doubt be well worth the effort. Also the giant Grapple coming up from underneath. Crazy cool.

@jeffrotheswell built an elaborate and complex yet beautiful structure. There’s a huge amount of chisel variance here, it really gives you a good idea of exactly what’s possible with the new chisel system. Make sure to visit it and check out the lower section, Its amazing.

The angel was created by @houdhakker2 and what I like best about his creation is the story it tells. There is so much happening in those few plots that you can’t just soak it all in in passing. It’s like a glimpse into a story, and I can’t help but wonder who’s arm that is coming down from above attempting to take the hammer.

@selection created the sphere and did an absolutely unbelievable job with it. I’m confident that many will be returning to admire it simply so they can copy it in their own builds and creations. I know I will be. On top of that he also showed everybody how to use the titanium chisel and it’s capabilities. I also love the detail and materials he used on the lower section of it, it’s very intricate and futuristic looking.

Andysav did an amazing job recreating the deadly gleam worm attack of ‘89. Back then the sanctum floor was not reinforced with titanium plates and a giant gleam worm broke through and devoured the residing sanctum Oortian. At least that’s what I heard :smirk:

@scratchnwiff built an insanely beautiful red tree sanctum. I would love to see builds like this generate in the wild. The detail is amazing and its randomness screams order in the way the roots come out and make up the throne.

@142857 built an awesome pyramid that may look simple yet has a very complex floor on the inside as well as an amazing light effect that I’ve never seen before. The way he designed the pyramid allows the light on the inside to permeate through to the outside which gives the outside an absolutely beautiful glow of multiple colors. I didn’t even know this was possible.

Ozarka30 built a mini forest biome complete with a small shack and small stream. I love this idea. I love mini builds and he managed to pack quite a bit into only 4 plots. I actually tried exploring it as if I would find something.

@swede created a powerful and huge Voxel Plaza Guardian. Don’t let the simple and common use of ice fool you. The detail carved in with the chisels just goes to show that you many different types of blocks don’t always make a build cool. It’s the way you chisel that really has the ability to bring a structure to life. The armor was an awesome touch to our gentle giant guardian.

Willcrutchley built an enormous mounted head. Another excellent display showing how only a few types of blocks can be chiseled into something awesome. I wish I could move this piece up in the center edge of Voxel Plaza as a centerpiece. Also the sheer speed he constructed it was ridiculous. Well done sir.

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Looking for a good place to put a portal on therka
  • Mini biome by ozarka30
  • Pyramid by 142857
  • Sphere by selection
  • Shackled Ground Stomper by rumplypigskin
  • Giant head by stretchious
  • Giant cuttle by glychi
  • Giant roadrunner by amandapan
  • Mounted head by willcrutchley
  • Titan summoner by jeffrotheswell
  • Red tree sanctuary by scratchnwiff
  • Giant worm by andysav
  • Angel by houdhakker2
  • Voxel Plaza Guardian by Swede

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Im only able to add 10 names per post so here are the other names i wasnt able to tag:

Also I want to give a special thanks to @TwistedFoot for all of his help showcasing the contest. Your videos helped keep us all excited for the finished products and voting.


first to cast the votes woop woop :slight_smile: big thank you again to @Cookviper for making this event possible and please voters take the time to go see the sculptures by some very talented members first and watching the video recently posted by @TwistedFoot , very worth it i promise you…go get inspired.

With love,


3 votes is not enough T__T


When’s the voting end? I’m only asking because I won’t be getting any sleep until it does. I’m just gonna sit here, staring at the screen, eating my popcorn. :popcorn:


Do you guys think Saturday night is long enough?


yeh sure sounds good


Wow such amazing builds. Everybody did an awesome job :handshake:



Thanks again to @Cookviper for setting up this awesome competition. Thanks also to @willcrutchley for his help, @SWProzee1 for the chopper of goodies and @TwistedFoot for all the coverage. Looking at all the entries makes me want to see many more of these competitions push and showcase player creativity.

PS: I wanted to specifically say that I think @AmandaPan’s runner is not only an art piece but a technical marvel. 45 degree builds are so tough, but Cookviper said it best.


I’d give it at least 1 week.


OK, nevermind


There’s already 43 voters?!?!? That’s crazy!!! I just started it last night. :flushed:


Ikr! It’s blowing up


I wanted to vote for the contest environment itself - there’s some amazing building sculpting going on there!! (Amazing work @Cookviper!!) :+1: :trophy:


Very true, you yourself deserve appreciation @Cookviper



Looks like I need some skill points in chisel mastery if there will be any more competitions in the future. :wink:

Thank you @Cookviper and the rest who has contributed. I must say that I really feel like the competition has been a great success with an superb arena and awesome contributions.


I don’t think spending points in chisel mastery does anything at the moment. I’m kind of hoping that skill set is removed :sweat_smile: