Voxel mesh vs modeled objects

As we know the world is this far a voxel cubic mesh based one. My question is whether or not some objects, tools, placeables, and blocks will be pre modeled meshes. I know it is possible, but I also know a huge concern is verticy limits, and too many complex objects in one place can mean a less preferable render reaction.

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Well, not only because of technical concerns but also for the atmosphere and feeling of the game I would prefer only creatures and “small” stuff like furnitures or placables for houses or decoration should be modeled objects. I cannot imagine something greater then a sign, flag/banner or bed that would be fitting good into the worlds as we know them by now. Of cause that doesn’t count on larger creatures and the titans :wink:

Wahat about other things? Like things that can’t be built on or aren’t necessarily build with blocks?

The new doors are meshes, as are the chests (and other props in the future).