VR Experience

Is there any planning to add a feature for with (for example) the HTC Vive? I was just thinking about like doing some basics with it like the grapple hook, mining or even pvp! It would be awesome to see something like this in the game! Maybe this already has been discussed? Dont know. What do you guys think?


We would love to support VR devices but for now, the priority is on the version 1.0 of Boundless for PC and PS4.


Even then, I imagine there are more important prioties for post-1.0 stuff, correct?


I never said that this should be in the game when the 1.0 version hits release. It was just a suggestion.


I also hope that it will work with VR systems. But I think there may be also external solutions to play it with VR, cuz I heard that ppl are programming tools to be able to run also older games on a VR. Don’t have a source for now but if I find or get one I will share it :wink:

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Would love to see it on PSVR too!

It’s especially relevant since Windlands has a very similar grappling hook mechanic. People are loving it on the Oculus:

There’s some interesting tidbits about how they designed that game to not make you barf everywhere when grappling


Yea I also posted recently that I want this grapple VR mechanic in Boundless eventually^^


We have spent a little time thinking about what VR could mean for Boundless. In theory it should be awesome. But the realities of VR and our seriously unconstrained camera and environment (IMO) is currently an unsolved problem.

I would suggest everyone who is keen on VR in Boundless, checkout this commentary from Polygon about VR in Minecraft. The problems that they talk about our tangible issues we’d also need to find solutions to - assuming we want the VR experience to be a pleasure for the majority of players.

So yes, VR in Boundless would be super cool - but only if we can find a way to deliver it for everyone to enjoy. (And it seems like Minecraft with it’s direct support from Microsoft and Oculus is far from satisfactory.)


I know a while ago you were working on making Boundless for the Oculus rift.
I just pre-ordered a Vive and I’m wondering if I’ll be able to blay B< on it :slight_smile:

They have talked about this, and i personally think this is going to happen.
If you look at the inventory, you can see the if you move blocks around they have some 3d effect on them.
Hope this helped.


Thanks for linking that post :slight_smile:

No problem. There are more posts about this topic. But I linked mine because it was very recent. Sorry for my bad english

But the Vive would be great for looking around, right? I mean, if you move one of the 2 controllers to the side of the screen . You’re screen moves to that direction. Maybe i’m missing something.

Great video james and welcome back! Just… ignore any rumors you might hear about kidnapping or torture… you know how silly forum rumors can get! :sweat_smile:


Oh yeah, I’m engaging in some serious necromancy here. But most of the people in this thread know me and were around to watch my video about this.

After reading this post I feel so much better. I though I was an odd duck, but James’s video hammer home what my experience was like. I also had a customer that I am good friends with come and ask me if I had tried it. He had had the exact same reaction I did.

But because it has been a while, and the consumer version is out and I can try it for free. What the hell I will try it again just so I can see for myself. But there definitely is a problem whether it can be solved ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Soon older games will be able to run on VR, Top application development company in USA are working with it, But enabling it with mobile devices is real challange.

100% Satisfaction Cuarantee?
Ok, I’m totally convinced.

Honestly, I play my PSVR 90% of the time, flat gaming has become an unfavorable annoyance; I truly do hope the developers eventually bring PSVR compatibility on board, especially since am borderline ready to quit Boundless, a sad move since I just bought the game last week. Flat games just don’t have the same mystical intrigue of VR games, 2018 is certainly going to be an odd era for gaming.

I had a great time with roomscale ViveCraft (VR mod for minecraft) and there are a lot of neat things you can do to improve the experience. But I can see this not being a priority due size of the market.