Vulgar language


I will move the pictures directly to a developer. Discord will suit them just well. :).


I also was incapable of reporting in game. No pop up window to type his name. The only thing that was working was description.


Their ps4 profile name kinda gives it away to how this person feels about large groups of people.


I dont think your allowed to show his name on the forum


He showed his own name to everyone giving that right by shouting in a entire world.


This is also support, not general chat.


Still there is a code of conduct


Sorry I’m confused, are you a developer?


This is public forum, not support helpdesk for situations like this.


(Support)= help. So where do I post this? Because as I stated nothing else worked.


They are just trying to help you not get in trouble too. Naming a player in violation of CoC violates the CoC. Just send the pictures to a dev.


I mean I see all the topics and then support. Right?


If report function don’t work in game, there is email for that. Sadly I can’t find thread where it was posted :confused:

added on edit:
Shame and name is usually not allowed on official (mmo) game forums.

I found this e-mail from here


Lol his name is public. Why would this be against CoC? He just shouted it and he may be going to very town doing so. Not sure why he did it here. People like him are trash. He is reported on everything I found him linked too now. The beauty of the web is everything is connected.


@Stretchious and @Havok40k are mods on here. They should be able to make sure the right people see it.


Tel me about it. Lol. I couldn’t either you know why? Because there is a SUPPORT area! Lol


Sweet thanks. This support field should only be for devs which I thought it was. Apparently it’s not. I’m not sure why it’s not. There should be a separate tab that says “ community help”.


Thanks for tanking the time to provide the link Almund.


Reporting In Game Abuse
If you are subject to or witness hostile, abusive or inappropriate behaviour in game, please report the matter using the in game report actions. “Naming and shaming” users publically on any of the Boundless community channels is not permitted and may be considered as harassment.

The direct paragraph where it states naming and shaming is against CoC


Lol, yeah kind of hard to find it but I did find one email address, and did edit my reply.

I think under support goes much game related stuff like reporting bugs and other strange behaviour of game, but showing other players in bad light is not really allowed.