Wacky Trees in development?

Don’t know if anybody else has noticed this, but I found a neat image of some wacky trees that seem to be in development on @ben’s player card :laughing: I’m not sure if this is a deliberate Easter egg or not, but I figured I would show the rest of you non the less!

You can see trees with sideways branches, hanging “vines” and sloped blocks at the junctions. Pretty neat in my opinion. I bet ben put that there just to see if we ever noticed!


Its possble, i think they talked about it waaay back to change trees and make them more interesting (although it might only have been leaves they mentioned)

nice find :smiley:


I really hope so! Trees were one of MC’s weak points, and oort wouldn’t have to work all that hard to surpass other games in terms of making interesting and more realistic trees.


Did we ever get these trees? I wouldn’t know… I sort of live underground in game…


I think they may have been an experimental gig, I have never seen them myself.

More tree variants are planned for the future - but they’re not a priority at the moment.