Wacky Wood/Sap Farm

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I’m new here to the community. I’ve been playing Boundless for about 3 weeks now. Until today I still have not seen a decent wood/sap farm, so I decided to create one on Arie.

Because I’m fairly new and have a very small budget, I can only create a portal to AluTech (more convenient and better exposure compared to PS Hub @ a small planet like Arie). The portal sign is not yet labeled and is located on the NW corner of AluTech’s portal hub.

Come check it out and please provide some constructive feedback! I can create custom portals upon request.


Wood is normally farmed on at least level 3 planets because you also get bark there.
See here


If you need wood, sap or bark go to the chill (i think) exo. It has trees that are literally mountains. I know its only temp & T5 but i got over 20k sap and 4k bark, plus endless trunks in under an hour.

Not at home atm but will update co ords and world when i am


Low level world sap farms can be useful as well, especially for low level players. You can forge a topaz axe with no extra dmg to one shot the wood with the right spec. I made one on trior near PS hub but yours looks more efficient for more than one person to use at once. Nice :smile:


Low level trees with a proper lumberjack can be 1shot with silver, even 3x3 aoe will do the trick if i get it to dmg 4 or 5+ i think. Have spent many days in the arie forests collecting charcoal and sap… the ease of harvesting makes up for the lack of bark which i dont use that often and am farming anyways


Definately a use for them. Both me and @AeneaGames started out there some excellent starberry spots too.


Autumn Dell on Trior has farmed a lot of wood from Arie, I’m coming here next time I need some! This is probably my favorite wood color in the game.


Hey Ghandy did you find the cords for those huge trees?


Thanks for all the input. I have not seen or could not find any decent higher Tt3-T5 farms, but I’ll keep looking.

@ghandymarshall I saw Alsuhaina but decided not to go there since there isn’t much decent resources there. I might check it out later today if I have time after farming gleam at Beta-X.


You can find my tree farm on alcyon. It has portals in the hubbit network and the DSK Galaxy network.

It’s not beautiful but it’s very efficient. I’d like to find a spot where i can set up a full 3x3 that’s 16 deep but haven’t seen it yet (on high tier).

Here’s the output of a high durability diamond 3x3 (+ persisting pie) :

EDIT: sorry just realized you said t3 - t5 and this is t6. Still it’s there if you want to check it out.


T3 would be the optimal place to farm wood, but I haven’t found trees big enough to regenerate you back up top.

I built a T3 farm at the TNT farm hub but you’ve got to get back up manually with your feet or a grapple…

Diamond is enough to 1-hit on T3 with just 3x3, no damage boon.

edit: This doesn’t mean lower tiers are bad! If you don’t need the bark, want to use lower tier tools and/or like the wood colour it’s perfect :slight_smile:


@Ratchel or @Orrian you guys have a bark farm no?


Bob does. @Taleyah shut some down.

check Besverona hub

DSK also has one south of Iconicsberg.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll check out the higher tier farms you guys mentioned.