Wall Block Inconsistencies

Continuing the discussion from Bug: getting stuck on the SIDE of a wall:

After seeing this I went to first try to reproduce this, and then I started playing around with the wall blocks a bit more and found some… bugs? inconsistencies? Not sure how to categorize them, but I made a rough video:

I tinkered around a bit more afterward in the same area, so there are some extras around if you want to have a gander at those as well.


There’s also a problem with regular blocks where i’ll sometimes stick to the sides of the stone chunks if I get too close to the corner while mining down

Is it just Stone Chunk? I’ve noticed it, but haven’t paid that much attention before…

So far I only tested trunks and and timber blocks

Timber blocks does it

But wavy/organic blocks like tree trunks don’t

Perhaps all of these call for an official bug thread?

I’m kind of proud what I started here xD
I’d also really like to know how these bugs were created.
Because if they also exist with older blocks like treetrunks, there might be a fundamental error in the code that causes all of this bugs at the same time?

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This is actually the same bug as the wall one. It should only occur in those blocks that can br crafted into walls and steps.

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