Wall blocks: What do you think?

After doing the steps. I had a quick mess around to see what other blocks we could make. What do you think about walls?

(note that there are lots of problems with adding these sort of blocks such as pathfinding and corner cases)


We really need those wall blocks! Having Wall blocks inside an Building would be better than those thick blocks. ^^


I need it :o I need it now

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it would be pretty neat, it seems really overkill to make a wooden house by using huge chunks of timber xD

but as i mentioned somewhere else, if you can allow people to cut that block into 4 we have the most optimal sizes for everything, it make people able to play with details without removing the voxel feel of the game.

Building in Minecraft, I always wished I could place slabs sideways like this. I am heavily in favour of this! I always thought this was the best compromise between full-blocks and micro-blocks, giving flexibility without being too extreme in detail. +1

:heart_eyes: OH MY GAWD YES PLEASE! If they cause pathing problems and I need good pathing, I’ll just not use em, but otherwise YES YES YES!

This is GREAT!
though I also like Zouls’ idea
Cutting slabs (or walls) into 4 (or rather a full block into 8) would allow us to build all of these as we pleased weather it be stairs, slabs, walls or whatever else our hearts desire

This is a great idea!

Secret corridors in 2 block thick walls FTW

Would love this in the game, hope you figure out the problems it would cause.

This would be amazing! Please add this, walls would be such a fantastic aid in building!

I think wall blocks would allow for more detailed creations. I love it!

Yepp, Thumbs up for the walls! ;D … It would also make windows look more aesthaticif you can put them into walls, which leads to great ways to build more sweet homes and buildings :wink:

I would love to have this if you guys can implement it well! With this it’d be like having a half-micro block system which I think would be cool! This game is already so much better than MC in terms of building options!

This could really make a difference in the way of building. Yes please!

Yes. This would be fantastic to have.

I think it would be nice if there were three places to set a wall block on another block: Right aligned, center aligned, or left aligned.

For a visual representation from a top-down perspective…

O = Block below.
0 = Wall block.

OO0 - Right aligned.

O0O - Center aligned.

0OO - Left aligned.

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the walblock is just half height of the block.so if you put it on the side it would just be ½ block thicker?

Even with the problems mentioned, I’m sure we would all love to get our hands on those blocks!

Walls are a must architecturally and aesthetically. I do like @PendragonTheNinja 's idea of wall positioning, as well.

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I like it, and I think if any path-finding algorithms treat it as a full block that would be fairly simple.

Treating it as a full block would allow for too many exploits, since it is trivial to construct a passageway that is more than adequate to pass through, but which would then be impassible to AI’s:

 ___ ___
|X  |  X|

Here, we have to walls placed so that there is a 1m gap between them (easily traversible), but which if considered solid would be the same as a solid wall to AI <-- exploit.

Similar issues apply to existing slope shapes too of course, so for a complete solution we’d need to handle these sorts of things anyways in pathfinding, but more complexity is still more complexity :slight_smile: