Wandering Kult

Thank you again to TNT for getting the portal spot.

T5 sov Kult. At TNT Serpensarindi.

It took me a few days to be brave enough to explore. I’ve died 3 times from hiding cuttles. But overall? Just wow.

Open to the public. Feel free to come practice your grappling. That’s what I’ll be doing.

Plant collectors paradise. The things are just everywhere.

No clue what kind of trees these are. They each have gleam/gravel and rock pits just under them. Very interesting canopy too.

Little patches of ice. Unlike other worlds I’ve been on, the ice areas are not all that big and have NO gullies. phew At least so far. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still have about half of the planet to explore.
After a good nights sleep and about 3 cups of coffee LOL


That looks amazing. No, I won’t come visit, I’m going to stay safe on Storis where we don’t have cuttles, but I do like seeing pictures. What colour is the glacier?