Want to link shop to Ultima Hub



We are trying to link our shop to the Ultima Hub. Our shop is The Golden Fist located on Imdaari. We got a token previously but madea rookie mistake and picked out a 2x1 portal on teh NE end 2nd level (this sign could be removed, sorry). We need a 3x5 portal. We are ready to make the link, just need a portal token. Would it be possible to get this location in the below picture? Either myself (CaptainCrunk in the game) or Tonezone (my buddy)

(what should the return sign say?

Please let me know and thanks for your time.



If you are on discord ask in the portal request of ultima discord or try to get hold of Larky when she available at moonies :waxing_crescent_moon:


Thank you. Do you know the Ultima discord? I couldn’t find it on any signs


Temp link to the Ultima Discord portal request channel:

This link will self destruct soon


Ty for the link, I was in bed though so it is probably no longer active, would you be able to send another this evening (eastern time)?


New temp link: