Warp Augments

Hi everyone!!

Just a quick question. I see we can craft warp augments to place on our totem. Are we able to use them? I craft one and attached it to my totem, but when I am in the sanctum and hold RMB to choose a spot, nothing happens. I also don’t see any location on the warp when I try to use it? Do I need to remove my beacon? Or am I not doing something right. lol Thanks!

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You need to use it outside the sancturn, and that should solve it.

It won’t work in the sancturn.


Ahhh!! Thank you DZ!! So to see solum, I would need to be on another planet?

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With the totem warp upgrade? Yes. You’re correct.


I’ve also heard that the warp augments will fail if you already have max saved locations O.o… kinda makes since hehe

Oi!! What is the max amount? lol I didn’t know there was one.

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20-30ish I think… I’ll have to count next time I’m on

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Thanks @Jiivita!! That is a good amount I think. :grin: