If you die, and select GO HOME, but you change your mind and want to go back to location, you can still open that warp block on the left to go back to the location near where you died, but you will get booted from the game with an error, doing it again does not have this effect.

Can you go into a bit more detail as to what you were doing exactly? When you said that you selected the option to go home but you changed your mind afterwards, did you mean that you held down the button long enough to be returned to the sanctum, but then you opted to go to the other unopened warp conduit? If so, which option did you select before opening the conduit?

I cracked the left warp blocks open(paid the open cost) walked through right after the world loaded then BAM, error, reconnected and tried it again and it let me stay. i can try and replicate it later for the name of the error if that will help

Was it going to a location that you have saved previously?

no but back to the general location from which i died, as if I left-clicked to respawn there rather than going home

I’ve not been able to reproduce this, but I just want to make sure I understood this correctly. This is what I did:

  • Lost all health
  • Selected the option on the right to go home instead of the option on the left to return to the same location
  • Rather than going through the open warp conduit to the home location, I then chose to open the warp conduit to a different location on the same world
  • Once on the world, I went back to the location when I had lost all health previously

Is this all correct?

yes it is, where do i find my crash dumps? I keep sending them as the startup prompt asks me to if that helps at all.

I can check if your crash dumps have been submitted to us. Is your character name the same as your forum username?

Edit: Also, what world were you playing on when this occurred?

i was on Calc and Dalus when these happened, not saved locations or near them.

I believe it is the same, or it could be filed under DalSheron

Right, so those are both Exoworlds. The former is no longer running. The latter is an AUS world.

What region are you playing the game from?