Warp Conduit Questions

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Hey guys, Thailen here :stuck_out_tongue:

So some questions about Warp Conduits. I was wondering when and if they’ll be a permanent world object within the game?

Maybe the permanent ones will be a separate object, I don’t know. I think it would be really cool to be able to shut these portals off and on at will once you’re able to have a “central travel hub”. What do you guys think?


Crafted permanent portals are coming,
I think it was meant to be included in a previous test-release, but was not ready yet, so it went back to the workbench.

Hopefully it coming soon…I run low of money after all jumping around…

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its funny you should mention that. the over all theme for my most recent build is a massive machine proto type made to maintain permanent portals.
I may have gone a little nuts but overall it would make sense to craft a machine to maintain a permanent portal and instead of costing coin it could take fuel to run.