Warp Conduits Placed anywhere

Can we be able to place warp conduits (black cheap ones) in any area even plotted lands. They are only temporary unlike portals. We already can save anywhere, no reason we can’t warp anywhere. Sucks deep in a city and have to run out of town somewhere to find a place to set up warps. Sometimes I need to show new players places, and just thought it might be a nice convenience.


Wanting to Warp from within towns is a valid request, but allowing players to place Warp Conduits in other player’s beacons will not be possible:

  1. Warp Conduits would instantly become the griefers weapon of choice to spam where ever they want, and
  2. We’d also expose some logic in the game that would allow some placement when you don’t have permissions. (Something that could be open for abuse - safer to disallow any placement.)

However, I think there is already a useable solution - as players can place blocks in reserved plots. All that is required is for towns to have some vertical accessible locations where the beaconed surface is open to and touches a non-beaconed reserved plot. Say on a suitably raised platform in the middle of @the-moebius plaza. This would mean that towns can create Warp building spots.

OMG someone please build a Star Trek style Transporter room!


I was wondering how many abuses could be incorporated in a warp anywhere scenario. Thnx