Warp core


my suggestion is a spark core that you cane feed ort shards to share your spark with other workshops on difrent planets.
that would be swell :smiley_cat:


I like this! Just canned and sell spark in a bottle! :tada:


Servers do not communicate with themselves in that way, devs mentioned it one day. Cool idea but probably not possible to implement at the moment and really buggy.


but spark in a bottle is an awesome idea!


I believe it could be done as a ‘battery’ type item that is created (with a counter of the amount of spark in it) and then placed into inventory, though. (As I believe @Rumplypigskin was saying)

Direct spark wire connection through portals? Wireless spark transmissions across worlds? No, probably not. Not at this phase at least. Neat idea though :slight_smile:


your right I forgot about that. batterys would be almost as cool.


That reminds me about idea I had long time ago but never got to posting it.

A device like spark core but fueled with Oort Shards and connected to shop stands and request baskets. Such device would then be connected to other people’s devices and enable to shop “online” from distance. You would see all plinths from connected devices and buy and sell from one spot.
The more devices connected the more fuel it needs.

So I could have these devices in all my shops so when you are in one of them you can also check plinths from my other shops.
Or I could have a device in my Base without plinths but connected to my favorite shop so I can buy while crafting or building around.




I’m still in love with my idea about players providing services to other players via spark/water/whatever networks