Warp spots set in Sanctum sometimes won't open

Just a bug report, have had this happen on both PC and PS4 a number of times, where if I set a warp spot in Sanctum and then try to open the warp conduits on the right to the spot right after, it won’t ever open, just sits there like this (Twitter links not working, click on parenthesis, recorded it if it helps at all)-

I get the augments back after I return via left warp. I’d say it might be happening about a quarter of the time I try it (I do it a fair bit on exos to jump around). Thanks!

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That happens to me sometimes too, dunno why. I usually end up just going to a different location to get around the issue.

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I’ve had this with both exo and normal worlds, using a warp augment in the sanctum.

It’s been quite a while though since several other people posted around the same time and I haven’t bothered to try it since.

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I had long time ago much issues when warping on sanctum with wayfarer totem so I don’t use those anymore. But I don’t know was that really related to special totem. After I used normal totem I was able to warp.

Problem was there that warp augment is not used and/or warp location is not saved to places list when you exit sanctum.

There are previous bug reports but hopefully this topic sparks new information and interest to solve this :slight_smile:

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Were there any messages appearing on screen explaining what was going on?

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No, no messages or anything, just sits like that indefinitely, and in regards to what @almund said, I do remember when I was doing this on permanent worlds for Gleambow, changing the totem type actually did cause it to work once (using a regular one instead of a Gleambow one), might be coincidence, but figure I’d mention that. Thanks!!

If you see it again, you could try submitting a game log just after it occurs.

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Will do, thanks!! :smiley:

This happened to me too, was your totem forged @bucfanpaka? (i think i have submitted in game) i switched to a unforged totem and all worked as expected.


Maybe that was it! Yep, most of my totems I carry are forged Gleambow ones. Next time it happens I’ll test that, thanks!