Warp to Septerfon

I’m on Therka and I was thinking is it possible to warp to Septerfon? Everyone is talking about Munteen but I didnt see anyone mentioning the big yellow toxic planet.

I’m asking because I tried and after using Warp Upgrade to pick a location (that part worked) I went to a conduit,but it asked for 6 pieces, not two, so I put 6 together and I could interact with it and pick the location I got through Warp Upgrade (so that part worked too). After activating and breaking the 6-piece conduit, it went grey and I just walked through it without being teleported.

So, any ideas? Was I doing something wrong? Is even Septerfon available for warps?

I don’t think you did anything wrong…

Usually if the warp conduit turns grey after breaking it, it means that the planet/server you are trying to get to is not available. It could possibly have been down at the time or in the middle of a restart to recover itself.

ok… i shall try again soon so; thanks:)