Was away for a few weeks, beacon seems to have been "stolen"


Hey, not 100% on posting in the forums. i have been taking a break from playing boundless, logging on only when i had a few weeks left on beacon fuel to keep my plot going while waiting for some not yet implemented content. last time i logged in, middle of January, i fueled my beacons with 17 weeks worth the leaves and trunks. it has been 12 weeks since then, i logged in to find that someone else owned all of my plots, all of my stuff, and all 400 hours of my work… i find myself in a strange position with this, because i knew i had 5 weeks left on fuel but you guys did a fuel and beacon update around the end of January. i was wondering if that update killed the remaining fuel in my beacons? and what can be done about the loss of all of my work and effort.


The update didn’t kill and fuel, unfortunately your beacon just ran out and was claimed by someone else. You must either have been mistaken about the amount of fuel you had in there (ik you said you were sure but…) Or it is a bug.


Maybe ping player if you can find him/her on forums, might be a rescue operation instead stealing :smiley:

I don’t remember any instances where there were errors in beacon fuel, mostly users don’t get it right (beginners) or miscalculate period. Anyway sorry that it happened to you, I had more than fair share of regenerated builds :confused: at least you might be able to save this one if you find player.

I’ll just leave this here cough, @james, cough


The last update “should” have had 0 effect on the time your beacon was fueled for… you may try to contact the new owner and see if they will return ownership… I have several builds saved in pixlegate for the original owners should they return… but not all may share my views =/


made sure to double check, i have it in my calendar (because its difficult to remember off hand) when my beacons are fueled for how long and when they expire. i logged in January 23rd and fueled for 17 weeks 6 days. have several notifications a week before they would have run out on the 8th of may, and the day they would run out the 15th of may. so barring a really, incredibly bad memory lapse in which i made those alerts without having actually done anything (not super pleased that the first response is “you must be mistaken” but it is a valid concern.) my best guess is a bug, i wish to clarify that this isn’t a complaint thread, i just wish to know what happened and if it is a bug to see if its a big enough issue to be of concern etc. we are going to lose all of our work when the game releases anyway, and even though this was a shock I’m still level 50 and can still get up and running if i wish to. not end of the game, especially in early access. but the point of early access is to help the devs with the game and make it as great of a game as we can. so if i see something and all my information points to it being a problem I wish to make it known and see if we can get a fix. or at least an explanation.


I said it could be a bug too. The only way to know is for the devs to look at it @james @vdragon


Whats the name on beacon?


Hi Unagi4me,

I’m very sorry to hear the bad news. I will take a look into this case for you to try and clear up what exactly happened.
If you could provide me with the following information it wouldbe of great help:

  • The world on which the beacon was placed.
  • The location of the beacon on that world.

We keep logs of what goes on in the game. Hopefully I will be able to see when you last fuelled your beacon and for how long.


I’ve looked at some data and I can see the problem. As to how the problem manifested, I have no idea.

Recently three of your beacons on Solum expired. Two expire on 2018-02-21 and one on 2018-03-25. I can see that you fuelled these beacons on 2017-10-18. The information that we are missing (that we now do record) is how long you fuelled the beacons for. I assume it was enough to get them to when they did actually expired. Now the interesting thing is that I can not see you logging in on the 23rd of January. I have no activity logged from you on that day. This means that none of your actions were sent to the server. This would explain why the beacon was not fuelled. The question is, why did we not see any activity from you on that day? It is possible to be in a world and not connected to the server but for this to happen you need to have connected to the server before hand and then lost connection. In that case we should be able to see logs generated by your character. It’s an interesting one and we are trying to come up with a solution. :thinking:

As others have suggested I would attempt to contact the new owner of the plots and see if he would be gracious enough to give them back.


January was a month with really bad storms here on the east coast, we had a lot of power and connection issues. so being kicked from the server i can believe, that there is no record of it suggest either something completely strange on boundless side, or a very big lapse on my side (which is uncomfortably looking more likely) i will let the new owner enjoy the plots and built up area, the loss of the land doesn’t bother me, the loss of tools and gems is mildly annoying, but since its looking like more my fault then i cant really complain. thank you for looking into and clearing it up for me.

ill just have to start from scratch again. though i will make a suggestion, some form of communication that a beacon is about to run out would have saved a decent amount of effort and frustration in this instance.

otherwise have a good day, and keep up the great work


Hey man! I settled close to your town just before the new patch (restarted from fresh after) and really enjoyed your water garden district! so sorry to hear. If someone else took over your claim it’s likely tat they too appreciated what you had made and would possibly be quite agreeable to give it back!

Would love to see what you build next either way, stay boundless!

E: No harm meant, Thanks!


Hi, please don’t use this phrase. I am sure you only intend it as a harmless joke but it’s not really very funny and real people’s varying gender identities are not a joke. Thank you!


Hi there,

We have implemented a warning system in the game which will tell users when beacons are low on fuel. We might add further functionality, allowing us to send emails to players warning them of beacons that will expire soon should the player so wish. I can’t remember exactly when the warning was added but I feel like it is relatively new. Hopefully it will help to reduce the number of people loosing their hard work.


I would welcome the option to get an email reminder when a beacon will run out soon. My son lost his build recently since he wasn’t paying attention to his beacon fuel.


This might sound a little insincere, and I by no means mean it that way. But I have also lost plots to not paying attention to my fuel levels(various reasons). It’s hard for me to call it stealing, when I fairly neglected my responsibility to watch my own fuel levels.

Before I sign out I always double check my beacons warnings just in case something happens and i’m not on for week.


Thanks for pointing that out. I am well aware that freedom of speech is limited when it causes offence, and the original wording, context or intention has no relevance once anyone feels “offended” by any statement.

To prevent exposing anyone to any further / future such situations, I will no longer be commenting on this community. Stay boundless I guess.



Everyone has made comments that made others edgy feeling, including myself. But you already on the right road, no need to avoid the forums. Better to stay. We are all human.


Maybe some sort of advanced beacon fuel could be introduced into the game that would allow players to fuel their beacons for longer lengths of time so they wouldn’t have to worry about it all the time. It could be made available through advanced crafting and only be used on settlements with a certain amount of prestige so only more established players would be able to make it to avoid having loads of unnecessary abandoned mud huts sitting around for ages. Plus some sort of notification system would be great :slight_smile:


You mean one beyond these…?

We do definitely need a non in-game notification for those times when people aren’t able to see an in-game notification


Have you tried making any greater beacon fuel? :slight_smile: … if so please please please tell me where you got enough shadow orbs from … I mapped the whole planet of Septerfon looking for them under shadowy cliffs and only found three dripping mushrooms and out of those three I got just one orb in total.