Watch "Boundless - Permadeath - Fresh Start - Ep. 01" on YouTube

Hello i started a permadeath playthrough when i die once the character will be deleted and layed to rest in the Permadeath Cemetery at Star’s Hollow on Tana VII

I have rules to follow
Cant get help at all
No buying anything
No visiting settlements
And live as a hermit
Warps are allowed no portal hubs
So i invite anyone to come and watch and support my channel. Thank you


No portals? Are warps allowed (for getting mats from other planets)?

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So per the rules “live as a hermit”, does that mean that you can’t craft a warp augment and then warp to a remote spot on another planet for advanced materials?
As long as you stay away from settlements, I don’t see this breaking the hermit lifestyle.

This inspired me. My new character ‘Noobpants’ just began his hardcore journey on tana. Stout spitter broke into my mud hut so I moved.
Great video and thanks for the idea

Edit: I think I’m gonna make the jump to cephonix and up the ante


Warps are allowed but i cant go to portal hubs

Warp augments are allowed

is this your first time playing

Well, this makes me want to give this a try. It would be a fun challenge to do until the new update. :thinking:


Raven has been playing since EA.

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If I did this I would last a day, I’d fall 2 blocks and die :rofl:


Just curious. I’ve seen people refer to EA. What does that stand for?

Early Access

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Nice one Raven, great video and really good premise for a series :ok_hand:


Pre release beta that was PC only

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Sounds annoying but with some planning and planetary-nomadic playstyle… shouldn’t be too bad… I guess you could always feed the minter to keep up in a pinch. I guess there wouldn’t be a problem with opening your own portals? Just the issue of fueling them via solo hunting =/

Cool series idea nonetheless, I’ll check it out when I’m off work :heart:

If you can’t use portal hubs what’s the point in a portal? Just to your workshop, or a material farm spot?

Can’t imagine a solo hunter getting too many bomb cores at that


Portals do not use coin
Portals are great for frequent trips

So a matter of what is easiest / most convenient at the time… coin or oort…

Solo hunting on t3/t4s can be reasonably productive and can be great for exp… but also higher risk of death naturally =/

playstyle also would weigh in heavily… don’t really need portals if you stay on each planet a long time and set up a new base/workshop vs having one base that you drag everything back to etc


T3 hunting on permadeath sounds risky AF to me

You’re one of those guys on NMS who plays permadeath and lives on a heavy sentinel activity planet aren’t you


A few points into kinetic armor and you can basically facetank a T3 meteor solo.

Awesome idea for a YouTube series @BloodRaven56 I look forward to watching your progress!


Such a neat idea.

this is basically like playing in EA if you dont count some rare portal metros ^^