Watch "Boundless - Permadeath - Quest for a new area - Ep. 03" on YouTube

Hello i started a permadeath playthrough when i die once the character will be deleted and layed to rest in the Permadeath Cemetery at Star’s Hollow on Tana VII

I have rules to follow
Cant get help at all
No buying anything
No visiting settlements
And live as a hermit
Warps are allowed no portal hubs
So i invite anyone to come and watch and support my channel. Thank you


Love these videos!
My own hardcore-mode character, inspired by this series, sadly perished on cephonix at the tender age of level 21 :pensive:
Lava is too spicy.
Looking forward to more.


Mine made it to level 24, and was killed by a rogue meteor on Biitula while I was hunting waxy earthyams.
I’m taking a couple of days to plan for the next attempt.


Thanks for the support on the series
And that others have tried the challenge i never expected that lol
Im glad you had fun trying it and i will be making more permadeath series.

And if anyone has any suggestions on new rules i have to follow
I would love to hear them and maybe ill add them

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