Water bassins

I should preface that I’m writting this under the concern that the crafting in Boundless is too artificially complex and could use a bit of pruning.

For example, the need to go build a bucket to go get some water, and then having to purify said water, and then fortify said purified water, that’s the kind of artificial complexity I’m spearking of.
When you need fortified water, it just adds a long chain of things to craft, like the need to farm ancient wood in order to make charcoal (because ONLY this wood makes charcoal when burnt…why?), or the need to go on T4+ worlds to farm shimmering orbs, as if they’re not already used enough in other crafting recipes.

All of this is time that could be spent actually having fun in the game.

Specifically for this water situation, I thought :
Option 1 • What if on T4>T5 worlds, water was naturally purified, and on T6+ worlds, water was naturally fortified?
Option 2 • Or maybe, what if on T4+ worlds, there were purified/fortified water shrines prefabs, like old Oort fountains that we could harvest water from?

What do you think?

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Interesting idea, seems like it would add some interesting depth to that side of crafting.

Also, it might lead to using lava as an ingredient. (Purified, fortified, etc would work there too - maybe)

Yeah, though I’m not sure if you could collect lava with wooden buckets and in the same way you collect water, by jumping into it. XD

But sure, if they add like a titanium bucket with a handle or something like that…

This is incorrect. All woods make charcoal.

It’s an interesting idea to align the water types to world tiers, but it seems odd to me that something like a toxic world would make purified water… if anything that water would require more purification, not less.

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It is?

Oh I know why I got this notion into my head!

Because of this page in Boundless Crafting!
I must’ve had something to craft which required charcoal, early in my Boundless adventures, and I didn’t knew about the Knowledge tab at that point, so I checked online and found Boundless Crafting which shows ancient wood as the component required to make charcoal by default, so from that point on, I assumed it was a fact.
It’s only know that I notice the little arrows to show all possible ways to craft the item.

Well, thanks for dispelling that misconception.
It’s also gonna make life waaaay easier for me, from now on.

That thought crossed my mind, which is why I suggested the shrines. They could be sacred temples, oasis of purity in corrupted lands.
But another solution could also be to add “sacred” worlds where we’d find things like that.


I also only used ancient for charcoal. Because misinformation i guess.
Never tried to use other wood. Just read it somewhere.
Learn something everyday

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Huh? An extreme but fun way of filling buckets? I hold a stack of buckets and use them on a puddle :slight_smile: You end up with a stack of filled buckets.

I never managed to collect water without being at least partly into it.

How many more gaps in my knowledge will I fill-up today, immaright? XD

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Wait charcoal really comes from any wood? I’ve only tried ancient wood as well :joy:

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Thanks for making me feel less bad about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I thought trampolines required ancient wood until yesterday when I looked at the actual recipe.