Water+Lava=Igneous Stone

I’m sure someone has done this and figured it out before me…but I got curious and dug a long tunnel slowly downward to try and get a river of water down to some lava. In case anyone HASN’T done this yet…I discovered that it makes igneous stone when the two touch. So. For anyone I suppose who wanted to create an igneous stone factory of sorts theoretically you could if you claim enough space to get water flowing over lava.


I’m just waiting for the day when we can place water source blocks down with buckets to cause this change ourselves. I’ve had a large project that I had to postpone for the past year or so because it’s completely underground and the lava makes it nearly impossible to deal with.

Beyond that, we’ve made a stone auto-miner using engines. It breaks igneous and drops Opal and salt at the cost of engine damage

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That’s a fascinating idea. How much is an engine damaged from breaking a single stone block?

EDIT: it’s 1000 wear per block broken or block hit (it takes multiple hits to break the stone)
I’m not sure which though


I think that’s correct. I need to do the math on wear rates against a gem spanner to see if it’s an efficient method of grinding stones compared against using hammers to break them manually, but I suspect that it is.

Unsure, but even if more efficient not necessarigly the best method since you’ll never get any other drops you’d get exploring.

Though if it is ‘waay’ more efficient might have to increase the damage to engine :stuck_out_tongue: or… mwahaha. Make it ‘destroy’ the engine so you lose it entirely :smiling_imp:


When I was testing it, two of my engines did get turned to stone :joy:

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True, you don’t get any of the valuable resources, but if you’re just needing igneous stone in massive quantity, it may work