Water mobs?

will there ever be mobs in the water? i have always liked fish so i thought there could be maybe some sort of anglerfish you could fight or a squid/octopus would be awsome!

(i was born on world oceans day hence why i like the ocean and fish :D)

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Lava fish!


Wow thats really good! way better then what i could draw. it could be in lava and if you go near the lava it jumps at you and drags you into the lava! just my idea for how it could work in game :slight_smile:

I’d love to see some Marine Life in the vast waters of the Boundless universe! :smile: Having both passive and aggressive creatures would be cool. Definitely a fan of the Lava Fish. :laughing:


Wow i guess people like lava fish alot lol

For water creatures… personally im split, i think it would be cool if dedicated water combat (like gw2) was a thing. however i think it would be a bit… dumb if it was just like world of warcraft (you can cast the same abilities and fight underwater, including firebolt, pyroblast and chain lightningI)

but if it wasnt creatures and more like the birds that are already in the game, meaning they look cool but you cant do anything to them, then i think it would be great.

PS: how awesome wouldnt it be to fish for lava fish? xD

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I love the idea of Lava fish. At the moment we are working on the first concept and modelling pass for fish and water creatures. I’m going to share with you now. :smile:


Here you go :smile:
Art: Fish concepts and model