Water Physics and Uses at this moment, at launch, and future content

What is the current state of water in this game? Will this change in the future?

Can we carry it? Move it? Make waterfalls, moats, etc?

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sorry we can’t actually collect and use water in builds, due to the problem of the possibility of greifing however the Devs have said if they can find a way to deal with that they will maybe implement water to place

However players have found clever ways to deal with no place able water, such as aquatopia by
where he has built the city in the water, the Devs have handed out water place able water as prizes in competitions in the past


I feel this is an oversight. Maybe they could punish those who grief, instead of banning it for everyone. I don’t think, with the right alterations to the code, launch would inundate them with SO many griefers that they couldn’t figure a way to manage the few that abuse it.

They could nominate some higher tier backers to handle some of the backlog on griefing if they had to maybe?

Water in this game looks amazing, I’d rather those aspects of this game be shown off early on for new players. I think as a new player being given a water source block to make a waterfall or fountain would be pretty cool.

it is not banned they just dont know how to deal with it yet

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I’ve seen you say this before. So I guess I’ll directly address this.

You, the devs, nor any of us very dedicated players know exactly how many new players are going to start playing the game in September when the game officially launches. This game hasn’t even been marketed yet and the small amount of new players that have been entering the game are from word of mouth and happen-chance discovery on Steam. It’s pretty much a defeatist attitude to already conclude the game is going to flop on launch and to attract new players.

Nobody knows how large the player population of this game is going to be. Wonderstruck hasn’t even given out access to various Streamers and YouTubers yet or even put together a marketing budget and strategy (that we know of).

There’s an issue with this. It’s basically saying that someone who backed the game for thousands of dollars should be allowed to police bad behavior, such as grieving, and be the one who determines what is defined as grieving and what isn’t. I think a lot of players would feel more confident with someone on the dev team being in charge of that rather than a day to day player.

Cause if or when you decide to play the game and someone throws a beacon down and starts claiming land near you with their Beacon Plotter, you might consider that grieving. Same goes for World Regeneration bombs during Community Hunts (meteor hunting events).

I don’t trust a fellow player with any sort of authority in the game that could result in someone being punished for something because of some off chance that the two players don’t like one another because of something that occurred on Discord or these forums. It’s just opening the doors of disaster.


Possibly there could be a single place to report this behavior.

Couldn’t you make it so it can only be placed within you’re beacon? And if someone you gave perms to does that it would be their fault.

Maybe they could tie water to each player, so if Player 1’s water moves outside of Player 1’s plot, it instantly disappears. I dunno.

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That’s been brought up by multiple people before. It’s a possible solution.

I want placeable water for decorative purposes. It’s pretty obvious to figure out whether or not someone is grieving another player with placeable water or lava. /shrugs


I think lava should be able to be built in, as a side note, but water should be able to be picked up but lava should be a bit more rare…

Well gathering liquids and being able to place them can follow the same item progression that we’ve been experiencing. Water can be a low tier thing, some other liquid that isn’t water or lava be the mid tier, then lava be the high end tier. Just an idea on how that works.

That way we can have different types of liquids besides just water and lava. I wouldn’t mind seeing some sort of sludge or tar or both of them. Cause right now all we have is different colored water and 1 color of lava.

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You could even make it so you have to craft a certain type of bucket to pick them up, and an insane amount of power and/or spark to be able to craft a lava bucket

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Well if they’re going to cost a lot to make relative to other craftable things, they would need to have a large amount of durability for the amount of use you can potentially get from just one of them. Kind of like how Beacon Plotters are now with durability (haven’t checked how much durability they have now).

I also want quicksand.

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To save you time, we already got answer to water problem and we know what’s planned post 1.0:


You could also make lava bucket one use and water like 5 or something

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That is a serious bummer. They should make a future content list clearly visible to all new players on launch so people can see what’s being worked on. I’ve seen a lot of Steam games launch missing features that might otherwise have provided positive Steam reviews.

There is a link to road map somewhere in here. To Trello road map that is.
But I agree that steam game info would do with some upgrading and being more informative.

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I feel like all the Boundless communication really should be taking place on Steam, if people saw lots of threads and people talking daily in the Steam Forums I think more people would’ve bought the game over the years.

Here, just for your own curiosity:


It’s basically community responsibility to create good steam page for Boundless. Sure we could take better care of it. There was a lot of effort if it comes to creating informative reviews but not much if it comes to other kind of content there.