From a visual standpoint the water is the most attractive thing on Oort right now. If you are not maxing out the specs and looking at the water you are missing something. Ok, now that my session of the notebook is over I have an issue/concern with the water.

As I was expanding the river near our community I noticed that the water runs on the same or very similar mechanics as Minecrafts water. For instance: expanding X amount of tile, with each getting lower and lower and random pockets of uneven water in the middle of water.

Is there a quick fix to this that you can give use access to a water block for the time-being? Or have water set up that will have it simply expand to open block areas?


they are going to completely remake water at one point, you can remove a water ‘‘block’’ by placing a block there and then removing that, but you cannot create water.

We could fill in the holes in the sea but I’m not sure how to do it without filling large caves full of water. It would be pretty annoying if you could build a supper cool underground fort and then accidentally knock a block out of the cave ceiling and find that the whole thing ends up underwater. Worlds would be pretty dull if you find that most caves are full of water (since they are below sea level).

Another problem with water is that it can have a high load on the servers. Each time a water block “steps” for an update the server has to check all of the neighbouring blocks to see if the water can now flow into them. So if a user places a block at the top of a hill that will spawn 4 blocks, then 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 36,… after 25 steps it needs to check 100 blocks (and in Oort a “hill” can be up to 256 blocks high = 1024 blocks to check each tick). Each of these water updates needs to be sent to any nearby players so that they see the world update in real time. This is just 1 player! what happens if lots of players do this on multiple hills simultaneously?

When I first added water I made it spread in every direction evenly. However, this means if a user places 1 water block at the top of a mountain you will probably end up with the entire mountain covered in water. Which eats up server load and is probably not what the user wants. So, the version I changed to is water searching. Each block of water will search for the nearest drop and only head in that direction. This decreases the chances of the water spreading exponentially and (in the average case) decreases server load. It is also more what you expect water to do (try and flow down a hill).


I hope for a terraria styled water :slight_smile: If you place water on top of a hill it wont create an infinite water source and just flow down (I’m bad at explaning I hioe you get what I mean :slight_smile: )

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uh uh uh uh… dave. now that i have you. something have been bothering me for a long time now

What freaking happens if you place a portal underwater and the other end above? the question have been eating me away since i have no way to test it xD


Thanks for your response. I think for the time being I will just fill the ‘desired water are’ with ice blocks from another world. That way it gives me an idea when i’m building where the water starts flowing. I could imagine the nightmare with water and the issue with water is not effecting my play.


@Zouls I guess you are asking if the water will flow through from one side to the other. The servers on each side of a portal currently don’t currently have any way to talk to each other so having things coming through from one side to the other would be very difficult. At the moment the client figures out what server to connect to on the other side of the portal. Adding server to server communication is quite complex (especially when we may have hundreds/thousands of servers in the final game) so I don’t think this is something we could do for version 1.0. Might be a fun feature later on.

We can have underwater portals without water flowing through. Just haven’t tried it yet.


Ah what a shame. could be an awesome pvp tactic to go underwater, warp to a friendly player and then use it to create a huge watertrap for the enemy if the player is in a pvp fight XD

Hey dave

Thank you for your complex answer! Really!

Hey dave

Thank you for your complex answer! Really! For both!!

I just hope that when water starts flowing that it will keep it’s reflective qualities and look good.

Lol that question.