Waterfront HQ, Weekly HDM T6 Platform Hunts and Much More

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Hello Oortians, I am here to let you know that my guild (Hotdog Mountain) and I have opened a series of shops; 4 of which are in established malls (DK Mall, EZPZ Mall, M.E.G.A Mall, and Brown Town Mall), with the hub connecting all of our shops being held within our main shop, Waterfront HQ, which is located on Circarpous I within our town center. Our forgers back after a year and a half hiatus and is right back into making top tier unrivaled forges, we offer a large amount of marble cheaper than most and have the cheapest refined gems on the market. Our shop can be found by visiting our shops at one of the malls listed above or by going through the portal marked HDM in TNT (pictured Below). We also will be holding weekly T6 Platform Hunts on our sovereign we will be meeting at Waterfront HQ and leaving around 11:05 PM EST every Saturday so come out and join us for some oort, cores, and much much more


interesting, hopefully others without a marble shop go-to will find your place useful. I myself already chose a shop for my marble needs last year. Kudos and good luck.

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