Wax 🎵

Wax, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing? Wax hooah yea. :musical_note:
Also, if you don’t get the reference, we cant be friends. :smiley: I’m kidding of course


how about this one:

to be drowning in a pool of shimmering orbs:

let the shovel hit the growth, let shovels hit the GROWTH, LET THE SHOVELS HIT THE :drum::drum: GROOOOWWWTHHHH!

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Came here to talk about Wax… I’m a little miffed they changed recipe for decorative stones. Could have atleast changed the spark input. I’m not on a world with waxy earthyams so now I have to venture out to get some in order to make decorative stones? Ughhhhhhh

ahhhhh so it’s used to make deco stones. I have beaucoup waxy earthyams, they drop from twisted aloba, most commonly.

PLAYERS: The processed rocks look too waxy!
DEVS: Good news everyone! We added Wax to the recipe!


Now that’s funnnny :joy:

When you realise other recipes may get nerfed too

When crafting things becomes even more grindy